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January 28, 2016

via prato Milano 3 rooms rental

Via prato Milano 3 rooms rental

Monthly price: 1200eu. On via prato, Milano , adjacent to the Metro Bisceglie, we offer three rooms furnished 90 square meters of new construction never lived

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via prato Milano 3 rooms rental


BEDS 2 beedrooms
4 sleeps


OCCUPANCY 2/3 people

SIZE 90 square meters




DESCRIPTION OF via prato Milano 3 rooms rental

On via prato Milano 3 rooms rental , adjacent to the Metro Bisceglie, we offer three rooms furnished 90 square meters of new construction never lived. The apartment consists of entrance hall, kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a terrace. The costs are 200 per month and include water, heating, cooling and cleaning.

via prato Milano 3 rooms rental does not include agency fees

MAP of via prato Milano 3 rooms rental


STREET via prato

METRO red line bisceglie

BUS 58

SERVICES of via prato Milano 3 rooms rental
KITCHEN kitchen facilities

APPLIANCES washing machine


OTHER elevator

REGIME medium term rent: 1200 eu
long term rent: 1200 eu

EXTRA SERVICES weekly cleaner


ARRIVAL TIME from 14.00 until 00.00 check in after 20:00 has an extra cost of eu 30.00 check in on weekends and bank holidays has an extra cost of eu 30.00

DEPARTURE TIME from 07:00 until 11:00 check ou after 20:00 has an extra cost of eu 30.00 check out on weekends and bank holidays has an extra cost of eu 30.00

RESTICTIONS no parties

PAYMENT 30% of the monthly rent to the reservation

DEPOSIT block on cash (3 months) refund: unblock at departure

KEYS DELIVERY in the apartment

AGENCY SERVICE 1 month payment in advance

Rent apartments Milano: tips to find an apartment in Milano

Whether you’re new to a city or relocating to a different neighborhood, it takes a great deal. It can be a tough task to find an apartment. Your home is supposed to be your castle, the place you can be completely yourself without anyone to bother you. Whether this is the very first apartment you are looking for or your eighth, here are some things to keep in mind as you search.

How much can you afford to spend to rent apartments Milano?
Keep in mind that rent is only one of your many financial considerations. There are also utilities, food, transportation, entertainment. You may also need to buy furniture or appliances. For first-time apartment searchers, there are a tremendous number of things to purchase in order to make your apartment a home. Rents vary from place to place. Don’t settle for the first place you see. It’s always a good idea to keep your options open.
  • Location Where do you work or go to school? Do you use public transportationif you Rent apartments Milano? This is always an important consideration. Location can have an unexpected effect on your life and your daily routine, and it is something that some people ignore as they search for an apartment. Does it matter to you how close you live to your workplace or school? Some people want to live two minutes away; others don’t mind a half-hour commute. Make a list of location priorities. Need to be on a bus route or no more than 10 minutes away from the subway station? How close do you want to live to your family and friends? How close do you need to live to amenities, such as supermarkets, restaurants, movie theatres and banks? What about services, such as doctors, dentists, hair stylists and veterinarians? Give serious thought to the type of lifestyle you live and your specific life patterns when deciding where best to lay your hat.
  • How much space really needed? Will you be sharing your living space with someone else? Decide how much space you can comfortably live in because comfort should be your number-one consideration when searching for an apartment. Liking a lot of empty space or are you a person who enjoys filling rooms up with all sorts of stuff? Do you prefer to keep everything neatly organized in closets and cupboards, or do you like having it within easy reach? If you own large furniture, such as a queen-size bed or an oversized dresser, couch or entertainment center, take measurements of everything before you start looking, keep them while you search. Make sure that everything fits into this new space; leaves enough room to move around. Pay attention to the width of doors, hallways, stairwells, too, especially if you’ll have to turn to get from one flight of stairs to another. Sofas, box springs, refrigerators can be impossible to get into some spaces.
  • Ambiance How does the apartment feel as you walk into it? Big? Small? Open? Closed? Bright? Dark? While walking around, what feeling do you get from the place? Does it have personality? Apartments give off positive/negative feelings to their potential residents. Keep this in mind: take in the layout of the apartment, the amount of windows, the flooring, closet space. If you feel good upon an initial visit, chances are you will feel even better living there. It works in reverse if you feel bad about a place.
  • Light Go apartment hunting on a sunny day if possible. Observe how bright each room looks with the sun shining in, particularly the living room, kitchen. Light is very important when it comes to searching for the perfect place. Does the apartment have a lot of overhead lights? How is the lighting in the bathroom? How many electrical outlets does the apartment have; where are they located? Some older buildings can pose a real challenge if you own a lot of electronics. Find out how many circuits the apartment has. If the person showing it doesn’t know, ask to see the fuse box. If you see only one or two fuses for the entire apartment, it won’t meet your electrical needs.
  • Storage How much is there? Where is it located? Is it secure? Think twice about a basement or attic that all the tenants share, as someone may accidentally walk off with, possessions.
  • Balcony/ Deck Need one? A lot of apartments that have these charge more for them. Pay careful attention to the construction of railings or deck supports. There should be no give at all when you lean on them. Broken decking or an uneven deck are signs that the structure is failing.
  • Color Glance down upon entry. Can you live with the color of the carpet? Most apartments have the same color throughout. That also goes for the paint on the walls. Most buildings don’t allow tenants to make changes.
  • Utilities Make sure on what is and isn’t included in the rent. Are utilities part of the package? If heat and hot water are included, be sure to have access to the thermostat so that you’re dealing with extreme heat or cold. Needing high-speed Internet, find out what company provides the service. In most buildings, you won’t get a choice of cable providers. Some buildings don’t have cable at all but do offer satellite TV.
  • Laundry Are laundry facilities located in the building? Is there a Laundromat nearby? Most buildings charge for the laundry machines, the cost is sometimes higher than a self-service Laundromat. Ask if there are any restrictions on using the machines; be sure there’s a reasonable number of laundry machines for the number of tenants in the building.
  • Parking The best bet is to look for designated parking spaces for tenants, visitors. If the building lacks parking, find out where is the nearest parking free  or to  pay for it. In urban locations, there are payments for garage parking or consider more chances to park on the street. Watch out for parking bans during street sweeping /snow emergencies.
  • Pets Are they allowed? Some buildings are okay with cats but not dogs, while some won’t consider pets of any sort. Know; understand the rules regarding pets before you make any final decisions.
  • Rental terms Some landlords make tenants sign leases, others don’t. Some leases are for a year; others might be month to month. Make sure a more  clearness about getting yourself into before proceeding. Find out the policy for return of security deposit and how much notice about before leaving.